Dear Unity Friends,

Flipbook Games recently released the Favorites Tab, another Unity Editor Extension which allows you to create your personal lists of favorite assets and scene objects. Your favorite assets and scene objects will be displayed with a star icon next to their names in the Hierarchy and Projects views, and additionally all of them will be conveniently placed in the a new view called Favorites, so you can easily find all of your favorite objects. This new view looks and works very similar to the functionality of Hierarchy and Project views, which will help you start using it in no time since you are already familiar with such views in Unity Editor.

I will be posting screenshots with comments here to show and explain why Favorites Tab is my favorite view in the Editor now! I can promise you that after trying this extension you’ll never want to work on a Unity project without it again 🙂 as it is the case with me now.

For your convenience I’m posting here the content of the _readme.txt file so you can check it before purchasing the Favorites Tab.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome, as always!