The biggest update for Script Inspector since its beginning – version 3 was officially released on Unity Asset Store on July 31, 2015! 😀

Script Inspector 3

As you may already know, Script Inspector 3 is the FASTEST and the most COMFORTABLE editor for C# programmers in Unity! No other IDE can open a script and be ready for editing faster than Script Inspector 3! 😀 Thanks to some advanced and novel algorithms used in Script Inspector 3 (there will be a post with details about that too) it has become the fastest IDE that’s also rich in features.

Some of the new C# features are:

  • Automatic code completions
  • Go To Definition
  • Code Navigation
  • Reference highlighting
  • Symbol tooltips with semantic info
  • Automatic indentation
  • Automatic closing of braces, brackets, parentheses, and quotes
  • Highlighting matching braces, brackets, and parentheses

And the best thing about it is that the upgrade from Si2 is ABSOLUTELY FREE 😀 😀

Isn’t that super-cool? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Enjoy!!! 😀

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