Dear Unity Friends,

Script Inspector 2 was recently released in the Unity’s Asset Store! Hooray! 😀

This is a great news for all of you who wanted to do their programming tasks right inside Unity instead of doing that in some external applications. And, judging by the number of responses received in this short period after the release, there were many developers dreaming about that. Finally, Script Inspector 2 has turned their dreams into reality.

Important Release Note: If you are upgrading to Script Inspector 2 from a version older than 2.0 please delete the FlipbookGames/ScriptInspector in your Project tab in Unity Editor, restart the editor, and then import the new version and enjoy!

Link to Asset Store page: Script Inspector 2

Check out the forum thread to see what’s the reaction of the community!

Coming Soon: Script Inspector 2 will be extended even more next week, this time with support for viewing and editing text files! Stay tuned 😉