Hello Beautiful Looking Code Lovers!

While preparing my next hot update for Script Inspector, version 1.4 I was surprised this morning after opening the Asset Store. The Script Inspector was featured in the big main box at the top of Asset Store Home Page!!! How did this happen? I have no idea, but certainly I have no complains. Awesomeness! Thank you Unity!!! 😀

Well, it was great to see the Script Inspector there, and also to see it featured in the Extensions category. Right now the big box features another great product – 2D Toolkit, while the Script Inspector is still listed on the Home Page in one of those featured products right below the big box. Not bad at all!

So what this all means for those of you who are already using the Script Inspector or consider doing that? Well, this comes as a great motivation for me to work harder on the code editing feature. Very soon I will be releasing a small step in that direction, version 1.4 with full mouse and keyboard cursor navigation inside the Script Inspector and text selecting functionality! No support for editing yet, but there will be only a small step left to get there with the next update, labeled as version 2.0. Well, it might be a little more than just a small step, let’s see.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for the support, great reviews, and comments! Without that I would probably give up from this project long time ago 😉

That’s it for now, gotta finish that update now…


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